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Starting with TRACK L.I.T.E. (Live Interactive Training & Education), we provide real-world education that teaches technicians to manage their work area for optimum efficiency and learn valuable techniques to increase their proficiency. This leads to improved productivity and reduced risk for the business.

Next, we are developing onsite programs by putting technicians shoulder-to-shoulder with seasoned industry veterans to build their skills in hands-on tire and wheel service. Every aspect of performing tire service is covered, including balance techniques to reduce and help avoid comebacks as well as correct tire repair procedures. This can be achieved at a local vocational-tech school or at a tire dealer with available classroom and shop equipment.

Finally, technicians are ready to show the world their skill level by enrolling in certified training at one of our training facilities.

Stages 1-4 cover Tire Industry Association ATS certification and then adds our own proprietary TRACK Level 1 or Level 2 certification. Details for each are listed below. LITE T101 is a prerequisite for all other classes.

Interactive Virtual Classes

TRACK L.I.T.E. is the first ever Live Interactive Training & Education program for the tire and custom wheel industry. Your employees will be encouraged to think for themselves, not just wait for someone to tell them what to do. Here are the highlights of this
· Low cost: $125/student per class.
· Minimal impact on productivity: Just 4 hours per class.
· Students are engaged with the instructor via live video.
· Each student downloads a technical manual that is part of their continual learning program.
· Technician classes already available: T101, T102 (Scheduled for December 2021)
· Salesperson classes (Scheduled for Early 2022).
· Morning and afternoon classes in different time zones available.
· Discounted rates for dedicated classes. (Minimum student count required)
· Evaluation tests after each class returned to student.
· Certificate of Completion and subject matter feedback sent to each student.
Upon completion of this class, your technicians will have a depth of knowledge that will immediately improve efficiency and lower
your risk. They are taught to recognize potential issues and avoid them before bringing the vehicle into the shop. They will know
how to inspect their own work areas before the day begins and understand the tools that they need to complete the job that is
required of them. Many students immediately go into the shop and start improving workflow and collaborating with other technicians to reduce the time it takes to perform a job function. You will see immediate results that will make a huge positive impact in
preparing your employees to further their career. This class is the prerequisite for all other classes. This training is based on realworld experience and teaches students about the very things that you deal with on a daily basis.
TRACK LITE Technician Course T101
Title: This is the introductory class for all technicians. This class contains 7 videos.
· Lift inspection
· Tire changer and tools inspection
· Balancer and balance tools inspection
· Vehicle inspection – Tires and Wheels
· Vehicle inspection – Chassis and Lugs
· Vehicle inspection – TPMS
· Lugs and Fasteners

On-Site Hands-On Class

After completing the prerequisite virtual classes, your team is eligible for onsite training. We will work at your shop or a local vocational/tech school to provide 1 full day of hands-on training covering the following topics:

· Price is based on location and number of students– Call for quote
· Proper flat repair procedures
· Mounting/dismounting procedures
· Reverse mount wheels
· Precision balancing techniques (including Haweka products)
· TPMS programming and relearn procedures
· Aftermarket TPMS for older vehicles
· Custom wheel installation
· Load and Inflation tables
· Lift procedures

Certified Instruction
at our TRACK Training Center

After completing all pertinent virtual classes and attending a hands-on class, your techs and salespeople are now ready for certification.

We offer several stages to meet our clients’ needs, from TIA ATS Tire Tech/Trainer Certification to T.R.A.C.K. Advanced Custom Wheel and Tire Fitment Certification. These certifications consist of classroom and hands-on instruction and are directed toward an experienced tire tech, salesperson, manager or owner.

The TIA ATS Certification is one of the most valuable training programs in the automotive industry. This curriculum covers OE fitment, but stops at discussing aftermarket applications where modified suspensions are involved. That is where the T.R.A.C.K. ™ Advanced Tire and Custom Wheel training program picks up. The T.R.A.C.K. ™ Advanced Tire and Custom Wheel training program is a proprietary curriculum geared toward advanced aftermarket applications in custom wheel manufacturing, design, fitment, sales and installation. In addition to wheels, this curriculum also includes tire fitment specifications that exceed the TIA ATS Certification and also includes Sales Training and Vehicle Ride Dynamics. Selling and installing custom wheels is a mixture of science and art. We can show you how to be the best in your market with increased margins.

Stage 1

TIA ATS Technician Program
2 days, including test $575/Student
Curriculum: Industry Certification for TECHNICIANS (OE based)
• 18 Modules—Automotive Tire Service
• ATS Technician Workbook
• A.L.I. Lift Guide
• RMA Tire Repair Guidelines
• Tire Dimensions Chart
• Load & Inflation Tables
• TPMS Relearn Chart (through 2010)
• Certification Test
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Stage 2

T.R.A.C.K Level 1 Program
1-day (Standalone) $575/Student
1/2-day (Stage 1 add-on) $375/Student
Curriculum: T.R.A.C.K. Level 1 Certification for TECHNICIANS or TRAINERS (AFTERMARKET/non-OE based)
• 2 Tire Modules
• 3 Wheel Modules
• 1 Sales Module
• 1 Alignment/Drivability Module
• T.R.A.C.K. Technician Book
• Bridgestone Load & Inflation Tables
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Stage 3

TIA ATS Trainer Program w/T.R.A.C.K Level 1
4 days $1200/Student
Curriculum: Industry Certification for TRAINERS
• Stage 1: All 18 Modules from ATS Technician Certification (OE based)
• Stage 2: T.R.A.C.K. Level 1 Certification for Technicians or Trainers (AFTERMARKET/non-OE based)
• For experienced techs/managers/owners only
• 1 Day Instructing the class
• Trainer DVD/Instructors Guide
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Stage 4

T.R.A.C.K Level 2 Program
5 days $1500/Student
Curriculum: T.R.A.C.K. Level 2 Certification for ADVANCED TRAINERS
• Stage 1: All 18 Modules from ATS Technician Certification (OE based)
• Stage 2: T.R.A.C.K. Level 1 Certification for Technicians or Trainers (AFTERMARKET/non-OE based)
• Stage 3: TIA ATS Trainer Certification
• Advanced Customer Qualification/Closing Techniques
• Advanced Plus-size Applications
• Advanced Custom Wheel and Tire Fitment
• Advanced Custom Wheel Selection Practice
• Advanced Tire Selection Practice
• Suspension Articulation and Geometry
• Performance Brake Upgrades
• Tire Design/Compound/Tread Selection
• Wheel Fit®/GRYPR System® Setup and Practice
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